Tuesday, September 25, 2007





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叫我小媚 said...

哇!好浪漫哦!~ 哈哈。

Devil's Son said...


叫我小媚 said...

compare 了你以往设计的banner,本人觉得还是你为“她”精心设计的banner最美!~
“她”那张照片有天使的感觉 ^^

Devil's Son said...

haha...yalo...i also feel the same...
nvm later next month i try to do one chio chio for myself...LOL

same to u...
happy mooncake festival!~

叫我小媚 said...

i teach u one way to make your blog chio lah.. hahaha..
erm.. if u next round rite dun put your pic in your banner and replace it wif manshuang de. then i think will be vy chio ad.. LOL.. hahaha.. try this. mayb it work.. lol.. :P

Devil's Son said...

but it's my blog ee...lol
mayb i go find other handsome artist and put as my blog banner...lol

then also chio~

BlueY said...

are u a graphic designer or sth similiar? the banners are really cool!

ERica said...

Passing visitor...for my opinion, u design for ur friend's banner ok, nice but if me I not very like as the attraction more toward the cake rather than the girl & chocolate color not very suitable for girl...it more show commercial banner rather than her personality banner..maybe u shld more understand her favoriate like color, things, like complex or simple, important what she want show in her banner...designner also need consider many factors..

The girl pic very nice too..

just my suggestion n opinions.. ^^'

Devil's Son said...

Thanks !
i'm not a graphic designer or anything relate to design..LOL...
i'm an undergraduate persuading accounting degree. Anyway, it's part of my inetrest!~ thanks for the credits!

Useful suggestion/opinion indeed!
hm...the cake is really too eye-catching~..lol
thanks! hope to get more feedback from u!~

Nic_Wei said...


aDeL said...

cool banners~~ =) keep up the work.. u r talented..

Devil's Son said...

lol....very fantasy feel...but that's the photographer skill liao..lol

long time din c u here....
hehe...thanks for the compliments..
i will continue posting more of my works! gambateh!