Sunday, May 27, 2007

双重 the post was written in english...mainly due to i just reach my home..and notice that my brother's pc don't have chinese character input tools ~~ but nvm, at least i can finish up this post faster than usual since it's easier to type english than finding all those chinese "pin yin"..LOL... Well, i want to mention two important thing that happened on today~~~ 2 good news actually~~

First of all, my new housemate --- mr. Foo jiaRong has officially moved into my house and even finish arranging all his stuff in the room. Hope he will enjoy his stay in our house in the future~ Well, i guess he made it 4 times to completely transfered all his stuff to my house...he owned a lot of stuff, but it seems that everything is neatly arranged after he put them into position in his room... well, not that much after all~!

this is the "stuff" he shifted to my house~~~~
nice and comfortable environment....strategic arrangement~~!!
So, welcome welcom and welcome!!! happy living together, Foo!

Now, we come to the second important thing that happened today...more precisely, it should be "just happened"~Yupe ! i'm back to my home sweet home!!! finally~after a long and tiring semester i deserve a good rest for what i had put in for this semester.....
well, Thanks foo for sending me to Melaka Sentral...early in the morning~~~
manage to get a bus ticket ...the bus depart at 7.30am.....first time to ride such early bus to KL..
kind of empty...but i'm sitting at the most back~~~~~i guess those people would turn up soon~
well, after one and a half hour, i reached my home!!! yeah~~~ even my parents can't believe that i took such an early bus and reached so early~~ LOL happy to be here again~~


7 评论:

Er_Juan said...

Wow, nice header, I like your blog ^_^

Devil's Son said...

Thanks a lot for your complimentS
appreciate it and hope u can come more
i will change the header monthly...

hope u can give more comments...

nice to meet u too~

Michele said...

So nice to be back to home sweet home.. ^_^ so comfortable.. hehe... hope u have a great n wonderful holiday lo.. appreciate the days at home lo.. heard u bacame OC, right? so ur holiday will be way shorter than EnJoy lo~~

Devil's Son said...

yupe...i become OC...*sigh*...
for sure i will enjoy my days at home~~
haha....probably i need to make some
6 more days to go..

c@nDy said...

ah foo's bed sheet so cute got heart shape pulak~so sweet~
n garfied~cute~
happy holidays~
enjoy it oh~~
i also wanna be pig in home for two weeks more~

Devil's Son said...

haha...yaya...very cute...
got time come my house visit

too bad i'm going back on sunday(3/06/07)~~~sien~~

u enjoy ur break la!!
meet back wen sch re-open

Anonymous said...

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