Sunday, December 23, 2007


Yupe! I'm one of the fans of Gossip Girls! Today i just finished watching the 11th Episode - "Roman Holiday". I feel really good after watching this episode as it is about Christmas too! Well, i guess i downloaded it at the right time and watched it at the exact time too! (Hopefully? As now is study week.LOL) I love the story line of this episode the most! While enjoying the atmosphere of Christmas in the drama, i also enjoy the relationship of Dan and Serena getting closer! It's really sweet to see a lovely couple trying to give each other the best gift ever in this Christmas. The deal which limits the gift within 50 bucks actually make the gift even more romantic. I can feel their excitement of preparing the best Christmas gift for each others.

It's a great drama! Watch it, my friend! Can borrow from me! Though it is new drama(Season 1), but i bet it is better than some of the old drama! Plus, it is about love relationship in college life. Just like me and you! I'm sure you will enjoy it! And all the casts are lovely! haha! Especially Serena. I like her character a lot(so far until now, not really sure what will happen later, perhaps she might change. Who knows?)

Serena and her mom(Lily) during Christmas!

Blair(Serena's best friend) and her family during Christmas!

Dan and his Humprey's family during Christmas!

Surprise by Dan to Serena! A stolen Christmas tree! The 50 bucks spent on decoration only!

Surprise by Serena to Dan! A well decorated room(white and snowy, just as Dan wish to have). And a sweet romantic night together......

a quote i jot down in this episode:
"The biggest present comes with a smallest box"

Merry Christmas all!


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