Sunday, November 11, 2007


昨天,我们家举行了由史以来最大型的烧烤会。嘻嘻。就算不是最大,也是最丰富的烧烤会。真的是多谢Hui Wei Cui Wen 的一番心意。很多没有吃过的烧烤食材都出现了!香蕉加巧克力拿去烤!?其他的有鸡翼,羊排,烧鱼,sotong,番薯,“热狗”,蟹肉,鱼丸等等。数不尽!真的是太丰富了~这次的烧烤会主要是为Ting Yi Tze Yang 庆祝生日。出席人数大约有30余人。希望大家烧得开心,同时寿星也是得到惊喜咯~很久没有这样的聚会了~开心~嘻嘻


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tsuewen said...

hehex..wrong le.. actuali main purpose is cnye'10 gathering... btw.. thanks for sharing us ur venue...

Devil's Son said...

lol....yalor cnye10 gathering la..
but muz make those bday star special also ma...LOL

no prob for sharing place...
next time wanna do again also can..haha
but suggest can do other style..
steamboat perhaps?

MS LOK said...

wah...miss u all so much la..hehe..hong chun hong jun cut a new hair style wor, not bad a..simmy oso coming a? so kepo de..then who is the girl stand behind xin lin, in front of ah jock?

n why san liang san jie mei lost 1 sister de? mana dia o?

Devil's Son said... hair style...quite suitable for them de ...

that one in front jock is vanice lorrr.....also can't recognise? mayb she turn fair alot liao..hehe

san liang san jie mei lost 1 cos she holding camera ma...hehe