Thursday, August 16, 2007






值得一提的是:我朋友,德伟竟然在这次的presentation穿上了他的新眼镜。惊人的是它的价格!你们猜猜多少钱?是价值约 RM 1000 + + 的眼镜哦!!!!!不知道该说他很保护眼睛还是舍得花才是~哈哈。不过确是有“杀”到~呵呵


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媚华 said...

RM1000++??? oh my god...he so rich leh..

Devil's Son said...

haha..but as i know u also orang kaya wo~~~
lol....still pretending~

mayb yours is rm5000++

aDeL said...

hi.. thanks.. whoa.. u r design student? cool.. wanna learn a lot from u, ok about tht?? where r u studying right now? thanks for reading my blog n leaving comments.. =) u can add a chatbox too, so will be easier to communicate.

Devil's Son said...

hi Adel,
u r art student?
anyway, i'm
but i love art...and yupe! studying now! in MMU (uni which make people feel 'sick')
chatbox?...mayb will consider one...hehe
thanks for droppin by~
hope to c u more often

aDeL said...

where's mmu?? haha.. any specific name n location for it?? love the simple colorize august pic.. so creative.. =)

aDeL said...

caN teach me?? lol.. wish i had smth in mind to put on my blog.. smth artistic.. finding some inspiration now..

Devil's Son said...

MMU stands for Multimedia university. i'm studying in its melaka campus.
Thanks for giving credit on my blog

sure....but i notice that your blog also alot of creative stuff...and also funny

c@nDy said...

haha ur fren really soooo kaya.
hey in the pic r u pretending smoking ??
huh~seem quite yeng o~
why din take that u r alone by that smoking post ??
hahaha.....then make it as anti-smoking logo.then seem also anti-leehong
wakaka...jkjk =_=""

Devil's Son said...

haha...yaya...i'm the one pretending to
cos tutor in rush wanna go back le..
we also hungry dy...this class last till 7.30pm e.....
so also take one overall photo then enuff dy....
no time pose for extra...haha...
anti-leehong aa..walao~~so bad~

c@nDy said...

jk only dun so serious~
wakaka who dare to do so o ?
i dun hope die with ugly lor~

Devil's Son said...

why will die ugly o? i'm being cursed?

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